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Monday, January 14, 2019

Rich Colors for a Grey January

This collection of fat quarters are calling to me.  It's my intention to work with rich colors and be bold in 2019.  These are an inspiring group to start the year.  I began working with them in the fall and hope to finish the quilt by this spring.

At a getaway quilting weekend, Jane H. brought her delicious collection of threads to work on her project.  It got me thinking about how I use value first and color second in most of my quilts.

And here is my progress so far in my quilt.  The next step is to decide on size and whether to add more blocks or to now focus on borders.  The borders will have applique work in the opposing corners of the quilt rather than over the entire border.  The quilt is designed specifically for an individual that I admire but have never met.  Getting it finished may be easier than actually getting it to the individual!   

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Post-summer Summary

It's been a wild ride since my last post.  I decided to retire early and cut the cord officially in Q1 2018.  It was the right decision at the right time!  The time has flown by and I'm loving this life.  Don't get me wrong, I had a great career and was privileged to work with incredibly talented individuals.  The CEO, CFO and GC along with the SVP's of manufacturing were brilliant and hard-working!  My team was the absolute best group of individuals anyone could hope for.  But it was time to live a bit differently.  Being outside during the day, enjoying nature and fresh air, less stress and drama, managing my time on my own terms has all been refreshingly wonderful. So here are some photos of how I've spent this precious time since retiring.

Keeping Miss Violet company - or Miss Violet entertaining me.

Watching the tide go out and my daughter doing daughterly things while Luke does dog things in East Boothbay, Maine

Finally setting up and trying out some of the Kenmores from Molly at On Board Fabrics  (photo shows Molly and the second floor of her shop)

A road trip to Valley Fabrics in Northampton with friends.  

Sorting through photos (this little one is celebrating her 30th birthday this month)

Staring at the creature staring back at me!  We are both very relaxed and comfy.

Celebrating new beginnings after a successful career at a surprise retirement party with friends and family.

In a very special place and working on a quilt project for a very special person that I've never met.

Enjoying a solo walk along the Blackstone River Canal at Riverbend Farm. And a number of walks with friends here and on other trails.

Watching the seasons go by.

These changes should allow me more opportunities to catch up on projects, start new adventures and perhaps post a little more often.


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Company While Quilting - Meet Violet

Violet was rescued from under a dumpster by concerned volunteers at The Cat Connection in Webster, MA. After losing my dear 14 year old friend, Casper, I didn't think I could adopt another cat.  But as time went by, I thought I'd visit a local shelter just to drop off a donation in Casper's memory.  Violet was in the "shy" room.  She was so scared and timid.  She needed a home where she could be at ease.  After a few visits with Violet, I brought her home and set up her two-story cage which was intended as a temporary home until she became familiar with the surroundings.  

We spent weeks trying to become friends.  She was less committed to the relationship than I was for sure!  Once out of the cage, she spent two weeks hiding.  She hissed and growled when I tried to feed her or got anywhere near her.  I persisted.  She finally caved in and admitted that I was the source of good things; plentiful good food and clean water, warmth, and quilts.  Quilts?!  Of course!  

Little 6 lb, Violet has discovered chasing bobbins, rearranging quilt blocks for me, chain piecing is fascinating to watch, and if I'm hand or machine sewing a binding it makes for a very comfy and warm place to nest.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

It's Been a While

It's been a while since I've posted here.  The reason?  Many and none.  Just life and days going by.  I haven't been sewing lately but here are some things that have happened over the winter and spring months.

Casper seems to enjoy each step of the quilting process almost as much as I do.  We both like to live with a selection of fabrics before we choose what we'll work with on a project.
I can't say that I live with the fabrics as closely as he does.  

Kelly decided to use a large variety of civil war fabrics for her next quilt.  Her traveling project with fabric selections and blocks.

Squaring up and trimming.

It's fun to see the nice, crisp blocks all trimmed.

and then when you realize how many blocks you actually have to square up and trim...not so much fun.

Keeping perspective on queen sized quilt made entirely of small blocks.

My wonderful colleagues joined me for a day in the studio after the holidays.  They each picked a kit and made reversible aprons to take home.  A happy day.

Casper seems to miss hearing the machine running and chasing after threads.  He's spent quite a bit of time lately trying to keep the Featherweight 301 company.  I miss the feel, sound, therapeutic resonance, and certainly the lovely outcome of putting this machine to good use.   

This quilt was finished for the March 2014 Thimble Pleasures Quilt Show.  It now has a lovely home in one of the bedrooms at the cottage in Boothbay, Maine that we consider a second home, thanks to Sue, Joe, and Michael B.!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

A cozy spot for a quilter's cat

This is what I came home to one night.  Now, this pampered feline has his own heated bed, his choice of just about any place in the house and can actually scoot under the covers for a lovely 6 hour nap.

I had recently pulled the quilts out to show a friend and didn't take much time to fuss with putting them back neatly on the shelf.  Casper was watching what was happening the whole time.  Now I think he was planning to move in as soon as I was done.

He may leave behind some white hair behind especially on the black fabric and a bit of a dent in the center, but he is gentle and thoroughly enjoys them.  That's just fine with me.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Atlantic Inspiration

Despite the fact that inspiration is all around, I sometimes find it difficult to focus on how I want to spend precious time.  Should I work on tried and true patterns in favorite colors or pick up something I've never tried before?  Indecision gets the better of me.  Half-square triangles never let me down but I can also make them in my sleep.  Sometimes I feel stuck.  Really, really stuck.  And that's how I'm feeling now.  So I'll continue to watch for images and colors that inspire me to pick up some fabric and scissors.

There is something about that blue-green ocean view that stirs my soul.  Blue was my favorite color until my mother passed away.  And then there didn't seem to be enough yellow in the world.

Even during times when I don't have the time or perhaps just the inclination to work on a project, I can be quite satisfied reorganizing fabrics or patterns, tools and all that stuff we accumulate.