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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Perseverance and Spring

Last year, a colorful little critter climbed up into my deck herb garden.  In an effort to save my hard-won productive garden, I flicked him off the deck that is attached to the second floor of my house and onto the lawn.  About a week later I went out to get some rosemary and there he was again.  Now, I don't have proof that it was exactly the same little colorful critter, but if not him, it was his twin!

That's perseverance.  Despite all those legs it had to have taken him quite a while to get to the parsley. I'm looking forward to this year's garden, sharing it with whomever comes to dinner and perhaps even the return of my little green friend.

We have persevered through this long winter's snowfall and ice dams.  Maybe we can apply those skills and some patience towards whatever projects are ahead, quilt-related, spring clean up or otherwise.