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Monday, July 22, 2013

Atlantic Inspiration

Despite the fact that inspiration is all around, I sometimes find it difficult to focus on how I want to spend precious time.  Should I work on tried and true patterns in favorite colors or pick up something I've never tried before?  Indecision gets the better of me.  Half-square triangles never let me down but I can also make them in my sleep.  Sometimes I feel stuck.  Really, really stuck.  And that's how I'm feeling now.  So I'll continue to watch for images and colors that inspire me to pick up some fabric and scissors.

There is something about that blue-green ocean view that stirs my soul.  Blue was my favorite color until my mother passed away.  And then there didn't seem to be enough yellow in the world.

Even during times when I don't have the time or perhaps just the inclination to work on a project, I can be quite satisfied reorganizing fabrics or patterns, tools and all that stuff we accumulate.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Symbols of freedom

Places of peace and tranquility

And here's to a day of doing what makes you happy.