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Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm anxious to find out if this nest will be occupied this year.  It is in the forsythia that's visible from the sunroom window.  A cup of tea, a good book or a some relaxing hand stitching, Casper cuddled up in my lap and birds singing is a perfect way to spend a few hours. 

The rhododendrons haven't blossomed yet but seem about to burst open.  They are now considered old-growth plants - and I planted them.  So what does that really mean?

This was a gift from Aunt Claudette.  It was her mother's machine and just needs a little work to get the old girl in good working order again. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Singer 301 Sewing Machine

Check out my friend June's new addition to her sewing machine line-up.  Singer 301 with table - sweet little workhorse!  Functional and pretty!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hello again

It's been a while since I've posted anything.  This little break in blogging was filled with other activities.  Out guild had our bi-annual quilt show which was a success by all accounts.  Guild members had the opportunity to sponsor a student for an entry into the show.  It was a very rewarding experience to sponsor Gracie who attends classes with her mom, Beth.  They do a wonderful job and are very enthusiastic. 

 Beth and Gracie with Gracie's quilt, named after her cat, Beethoven.  Grace's quilt is filled with cat fabrics.  This budding artist is designing her own pieces and has sold the most lovely little pillows.  The pillows have a pocket for a tea bag tucked inside an appliqued flower pot.
 A recent vacation to Maine and a roadtrip to South Thomaston led us to this lighthouse where I got to play with a new DSL camera.  Fun, fun, fun.
This Singer 301 is the latest addition to my family of machines.  It runs like a charm with a bit of a heavier and slower motor than a Featherweight.  The stitch is flawless and I'm looking forward to working with it more.

Friends from my quilting mini-group decided to abscond with an unfinished project that I evidently left in plain sight.  The piece was wedges were pieced together and appliqued on the black and silver background.  I was stuck about what to do with the center.  Nothing seemed to work.  Susan decided she could paper piece a center.  Donna would quilt it and Gina would bind it.  I'm not sure who the ringleader was but they got it done in time for the quilt show and entered it without me knowing.  The day of the show they asked me to stand by the piece.  I had typed out all the descriptions and helped lay out the show.  At first I tried to place the piece because it looked so familiar but I was sure it hadn't been included in the set up.  When I realized what they had done, my first thought was what they loved more, a really good practical joke or me!  The truth must be both!  And I am most blessed to have such good friends. What do you think my chances are of this happening again?  I do have a number of unfinished projects stacked up!