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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Days, Hours, and the Minutes

This blog started out being about quilting but that is just a small piece of our lives.  When we get together, it's not about quilting really.  That's our common excuse for assembling in the studio, at a camp getaway in Connecticut or some other venue, or trekking out to a quilt show.  But it is so much more than that.  How can you explain all that is a relationship, a friendship, a kinship?  It is about knowing that with or without talking about what brings joy or ache in our hearts, we are together and we know.  We know about the joys and the aches.  We feel for one another and to move on through time together..  We are there to say that both painful and glorious, wondrous moments pass.  And they will both come again.  And so we will gather again.  We will spend days, hours and minutes together and celebrate our lives.

 Mary quilting her first quilt.  She is a talented and precise at piecing and has come such a long way in gaining confidence and more importantly, thoroughly enjoying the process of making a quilt.  With a kind and sweet spirit about her, she is a pleasure to work with.
Kelly and I spent time in her new Jeep on a road trip by the lake, into the mountains and back around to South Burlington during Easter weekend.  We packed a lunch and had a wonderful time on our road trip.  We agreed to do it again after the snow melts.  A great nest at the top of a mountain road.  

Contented. Relaxed. Happy.

A happy day with friends in the studio.  All we need is to set a date, send a group email invitation including any theme for the pot luck lunch.  That morning, I turn on the lights and maybe the heat, start the coffee and watch the cars come up the driveway.   

Candy with her wicked cool Elna and some funky fabric.  Candy goes about making her quilts in a quiet and focused way.  It seems like they suddenly come together in a beautiful and clever way.  

Kathleen sings along as her machine runs.  She has a giggle and laugh we all want to hear.  It is contagious.

Deb has a lovely singing voice, quick smile and seemingly boundless energy.

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Wanda - Scraphappy Blended Quilter said...

OH-What fun! You have the most lovely friends and quilting companions to enjoy!